"Imagine the Power of Personally
Greeting Every Visitor
To Your Website..."

From: Antone Roundy
To: All Website Owners
Give Your Website a Personal Touch

How can a website make an instant personal connection with each visitor as they arrive? That's the million dollar question, isn't it? If you could find the answer, you'd be able to engage potential customers, make them feel at home, earn their trust, communicate just the right message, and make a lot more sales!

Web Entrance Messenger enables you to customize your webpages on the fly for each visitor based on how they got to your site. Let me explain with an example...

Let's say someone posts a link to one of your webpages on their blog. In their comments about your site, they get a few details wrong, leave out something important, and there's another page on your site that has better information on the subject their discussing.

How do you correct the errors, fill in what they left out, and emphasize a link to the right page before the visitors they send you decide your site isn't what they were after and click the "back" button?

Why The "Web 2.0" Way Doesn't Quite Work

The old way (the "web 2.0" way) was to post a comment on their blog. That's a great idea, but it only works with blogs and forums, where you can add content to the page. Plus it has one major flaw -- it doesn't help unless the visitor scrolls down and reads your comment (which they probably won't, at least till after they've clicked the link).

You could add a response on your own webpage. But then everyone would see it whether they came from that blog post or not.

What Shall We Call It? "Web 2.5"?

Instead of (or in addition to) trying to join the conversation on someone else's site (where nobody may be listening to you), why not bring the conversation to your site, where you can ensure that the message is placed where it will be seen.

What you really want is to detect where your visitors are coming from, and display messages customized to make a natural and powerful transition to your website. Your could start with a headline naming the site they just came from and welcoming its visitors so they'd know the message was targetted directly at them.

How much more likely do you think that would make them to pause and read before clicking their "back" button?

What if tomorrow, some other webpage adds a link to the same page on your site? You'd like to post a different customized message just for visitors from that site, while still keeping the message for the visitors from the other site, and show each message to the right people.

That's Exactly What Web Entrance Messenger Enables You To Do

Whenever someone loads one of your webpages, Web Entrance Messenger checks to see where they came from. If you have a special message for visitors coming from that source, the message will be added to your page. Otherwise, the page will come up just like normal. You can target messages any combination of:

Clicks From:
  • A specific webpage
  • Any page on a specific website
  • Any page on any website
» Going To:
  • A specific webpage on your site
  • Any page on one of your websites
  • Any page on any of your websites

Web Entrance Messenger tracks and shows you what pages people are clicking from to get to your site. The visual message editor helps you quickly and easily compose custom messages for them without having to write any HTML code yourself.

Create unlimited custom messages for an unlimited number of pages.

Free Bonus: Web Graphics Collection

Buy Web Entrance Messenger now and get a free graphics collection containing over 1500 images for your website -- buttons, bullets, "buy" buttons, images, banner graphics, and more!

  • PHP 4 or higher*
  • MySQL

* Web Entrance Messenger is a PHP script and only works on PHP webpages. PHP webpages are exactly the same as regular HTML webpages, except that their filenames end with ".php", and they can contain PHP code in addition to their HTML content. So you can create a PHP page from an HTML page simply by renaming the file.

50-Day 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Antone Roundy, creator
of Web Entrance Messenger

I'm so confident that you won't want to give up your copy of Web Entrance Messenger that I'll accept 100% of the risk of your purchase!

If you decide not to keep it, simply within 50 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Make a personal connection with your website's visitors today.
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Web Entrance Messenger is still available, but is not under active development. It has been replaced by TriggerNote.

TriggerNote is a powerful Website Interaction Engine. In addition to displaying different content based on where a visitor came from to your site (using its "Selectors" feature), TriggerNote can do many more things, including varying content using tracking cookies, dates and times, and other criteria. And it can display exit intent hover popups, delayed popups, slide-in messages, promo stripes, and much more.

Find out more about TriggerNote
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