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Gecko Tribe offers a variety of software tools, services and information to enhance your website.
CaRP is an RSS to HTML converter useful for bringing automatically updated content into your webpages, which is great for search engine optimization.
Grouper is an RSS generator that can make RSS feeds from a variety of sources like Atom feeds and weblogs, and can act as a "news radar", generating RSS feeds from Google News searches.
Jawfish is CaRP for servers that don't support PHP. It uses JavaScript to display RSS feeds on any website. It doesn't have the SEO benefit of CaRP, but is a great solution for those who can't run CaRP.
Chordata is an RSS and Atom feed directory, featuring over 200 categories of quality-rated feeds. Submit your own feeds.
Gecko Tribe publishes a number of weblogs covering subjects from web design to RSS to SEO to CSS to spam prevention and more.