Tetra DHTML Scroller

Scrolling static data horizontally

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Tetra DHTML Scroller
Tetra uses JavaScript to dynamically alter the contents of HTML pages, enabling the scrolling of webpage content.
Tetra is highly configurable
Tetra comes with a scroller setup script that enables easy customization of scroller size, speed, scrolling direction, the data in the scroller, and more.
Tetra features tight RSS newsfeed integration
Tetra comes with the code necessary to integrate with CaRP, an RSS to HTML converter.
Tetra is highly compatible
Tetra is fully functional on the modern web browsers that dominate the market, and partially functional on many older browers--it is designed to degrade gracefully.
Tetra is inexpensive
With pricing starting at just $5.97 for a single user license, Tetra is available at a fraction of the cost of other scrollers that lack Tetra's advanced features.