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Previously Unknown Letter Reveals Einstein's Thinking On Bees, Birds and Physics
May 13@10:30pm: The 1949 letter by the physicist and Nobel laureate discusses bees, birds and whether new physics principles could come from studying animal senses. Phys.Org reports: The previously unpublished letter was shared with researchers by Judith Davys --... [from Slashdot]
Cheap, Highly Efficient New EV Motor Uses No Magnets
May 13@8:25pm: "An EV motor has been developed that uses no magnets, thus lessening the United States' reliance on Chinese magnets (which make up 97% of the world's supply)," writes Slashdot reader nickwinlund77, adding: "I wonder what the motor's performance is... [from Slashdot]
E-Commerce Opportunities Abound in Latin America, Despite Challenges
May 11@12:53pm: If you are looking to expand your sales territory and have not yet put Latin America on your bill of lading, you're missing a golden opportunity. Latin America offers the fastest-growing regional e-commerce marketplace in the world. Last year, the... [from E-Commerce Times]
Livestream E-Commerce Goes Mainstream
May 7@6:00am: Livestream shopping delivers an interactive experience for brands, influencers, or celebrities to promote and sell products; and for consumers to participate by asking questions and shopping during the event. The E-Commerce Times checked in with e... [from E-Commerce Times]