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China Has Almost Half of The World's Supercomputers, Explores RISC-V and ARM
Jun 22@4:34pm: Slashddot reader dcblogs quote Tech Target: Ten years ago, China had 21 systems on the Top500 list of the world's largest supercomputing systems. It now has 219, according to the biannual listing, which was updated just this week. At its current p... [from Slashdot]
People Keep Spotting Teslas With Snoozing Drivers On the Freeway
Jun 22@3:34pm: "In the last week, two different people have captured video of Tesla vehicles traveling down a freeway with an apparently sleeping driver behind the wheel," writes Ars Technica. Iwastheone shares their report: Both incidents happened in Califor... [from Slashdot]
Oracle Does OK - Surprised?
Jun 22@7:00am: To all the geniuses who advised selling Oracle shares ahead of this week's earnings call: You might want to recheck your calculations. On your slide rule. The headline on Oracle's statement is all you need to begin the self-recriminations: "Q4 FY1... [from E-Commerce Times]
What Shifting Data Use Means for Pay-TV and Video Services
Jun 21@12:16pm: For many, Netflix was the first wake-up call that a new-generation of online or technology companies could have a significant impact on pay-TV businesses. Over a 10-year period, Netflix grew from a U.S.-only DVD-by-mail service to a force in the i... [from E-Commerce Times]