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Source Code of Iranian Cyber-Espionage Tools Leaked on Telegram
Apr 19@12:30am: In an incident reminiscent of the Shadow Brokers leak that exposed the NSA's hacking tools, someone has now published similar hacking tools belonging to one of Iran's elite cyber-espionage units, known as APT34, Oilrig, or HelixKitten. From a repo... [from Slashdot]
Global Attention Span Is Narrowing and Trends Don't Last As Long, Study Reveals
Apr 18@10:30pm: An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: It's just as you suspected; the information age has changed the general attention span. A recently published study from researchers at the Technical University of Denmark suggests the collecti... [from Slashdot]
How SMBs Can Trade Stressful One-by-One Shipping for Streamlined Operations
Apr 18@12:16pm: E-commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. Total retail sales, excluding the sale of items not normally bought online -- like fuel, automobiles, and food at restaurants -- hit $3.628 trillion last year, up 3.9 percent year over year fr... [from E-Commerce Times]
Managing Sales Tax Complexities in Merchandise Returns
Apr 17@7:00am: As the world has become increasingly digital, the retail industry has gone through tremendous transformation. To survive in the competitive landscape and keep up with evolving customer preferences, merchants have had to adapt and learn how to deli... [from E-Commerce Times]