Tetra: JavaScript scroller Tetra
JavaScript/DHTML Scroller
RSS newsfeed support with CaRP
AJAX background updating
Tetra can scroll plain text or HTML styled content, including images.
Configure your scrollers to run right to left, left to right, up or down, at any speed you want.
You control how long Tetra pauses between scrolling items, and whether or not it pauses when moused over.
Intergrate dynamic content from RSS feeds into Tetra scrollers using CaRP.
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What is it?
Tetra is cross-browser JavaScript scroller. It can display any text or HTML content including images. It can scroll horizontally or vertically in either direction.

Background updating
Tetra can scroll static information, or use AJAX technology to automatically update in the background without reloading the page. Updated information can come from dynamic server-side scripts or chains of static files.

RSS feed integration
The Tetra package contains PHP code enabling it to integrate with CaRP to display RSS newsfeeds.

Single User: $17 (one user on all of their own websites)
Single Server: $67 (all users on one physical web server)
Company License: $170 (all users on all web servers owned by one company)


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100% Money Back Guarantee! If you decide not to keep Tetra, contact me within 90 days of purchase and I'll refund your money.
Free upgrades: When we issue an update to the current version of Tetra*, we'll email you the updated software.


Tetra is compatible with all websites with PHP support. For web browser compatibility information, click the "Compatibility" tab to the left. CaRP integration requires CaRP version 3.5.6 or higher.

Installation & Usage
Tetra User Forum
Examples * Free upgrade offer applies to revisions to the 1.x version of Tetra.