Web-Based RSS Reader with Blogging & Tweeting

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Lobster is an RSS feed reader that you can install on your own website and access from any internet-connected computer. It's powered by the CaRP Evolution RSS parser.


  • PHP 4 or higher
  • MySQL
  • CaRP Evolution 4.0.15 or higher


  • The ability to run cron jobs every minute

Feature Comparison

Feature Lobster Google Reader NetNewsWire
Web-based, so your subscriptions stay in sync no matter what computer you're using
Access password protected feeds (like your Twitter friends tweet stream)
Flag items for later reading
Display only flagged items by folder, feed, or all flagged items at once
Unlimited nested folders
Post to your blog from within your feed reader *1
Tweet from within your feed reader *2 *3
One-click URL shortening and unshortening in blog & tweet editors *2 n/a
Import and export OPML subscription lists
3-pane layout for efficient reading
You control the feed refresh rate

Plus, with Lobster, use the same CaRP installation that powers Lobster to import RSS feeds into your website -- get auto-updating content, easy reuse of your own blog content, and SEO benefits.

*1 Works with Blogger.com, blogs that support the Atom Publishing Protocol (eg. WordPress, Moveable Type), Posterous and Tumblr. Optional Lobster plugins required.

*2 Optional Lobster plugin required.

*3 You can connect your shared items in Google Reader to your Twitter account, but you don't have complete control of the content of the tweet.

Get Lobster

There are three ways to get Lobster -- either:

  1. Buy the RSS Super Pack or
  2. Buy SEO Content Factory or
  3. Buy Lobster and CaRP Evolution's MySQL plugin (you'll get a free version of CaRP Evolution when you do).

Lobster Demo Video

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Grand Island, NE 68802
Voice Mail: 308-646-0543