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Grouper can manage and generate RSS newsfeeds from a variety of data sources. Compare the features of the free and commercial (Evolution) versions:

Feature: Free: Evolution: Notes:
PriceFree$24.97[1] [1] Single user license price
Buy Grouper Evolution
Specify search terms to use to generate an RSS feedYesYes 
Cache results for faster performance or use with an RSS parser like CaRPYesYes 
Extendable using plugins Yes 
Skip duplicate items YesNot supported by all feed sources.
Works through proxy servers requiring authorizationYesYes 
Specify how many items to include in the newsfeedYesYesNot supported by all feed sources.
Sources supported: NOTE: You are responsible to ensure that your use of Grouper with a particular site complies with their terms of service. For example, some sites allow personal use of their data, but not republishing on your website. Names of the following sites may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Atom & other XML Yes affiliates XML Yes affiliates account required.
All Posters affiliates XML Yes All Posters affiliates account required.
Blogs & other regularly structured webpages Yes Two plugins are included--one that uses "regular expressions", and one that uses simple string matching. Both require additional configuration or changes to the webpage template in order to be effective.
ClickBank affiliate ads Yes ClickBank affiliates account required.
Irregularly structured webpages Yes