CaRP: Caching RSS Parser - Manual
     Version 3.5.4 (10/7/2004)

NOTE: This version of CaRP is obsolete. This documentation is being left here for those who have not yet upgraded to the current version.

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Old documentation: Version 2

Configuration is done by changing the values in the array $carpconf. You may change the defaults by modifying carp.php itsself. You may override the defaults for a particular RSS feed by inserting lines like "CarpConf('cachepath','/my/private/cache/path');" after the line where you "require_once" CaRP, and before calling CarpShow().

The following options are defined in $carpconf, and are color-coded based on the likelihood that you'll want to change them, as follows: usually changed, often changed, sometimes changed, rarely changed

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Cache Control:

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