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What is CaRP?

CaRP is an "RSS parser" -- a PHP web script that converts content from RSS data feeds to HTML (the format of web pages), and integrates it seamlessly into your webpages.

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What Kinds of Content Can CaRP Display?

Since the content CaRP displays comes from RSS feeds, the question is, what kinds of content can you get from RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are generated by all sorts of websites:

  • blogs
  • news sites
  • podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • and more.

CaRP can display the text, images, HTML formatted content, and even audio and videos from RSS feeds.

But sometimes, you don't want to display everything that's in the feed:

  • Maybe the formatting from the feed would mess up your webpage.
  • Maybe you just want a short excerpt from a long article.
  • Maybe you want just the text and not the images.
  • and some feeds contain annoying or even malicious scripts or CSS code.

CaRP gives you the tools to control all of that -- strip out unwanted HTML tags, shorten content, display just the parts of the feed that you want to display.