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What is CaRP?

CaRP is an "RSS parser" -- a PHP web script that converts content from RSS data feeds to HTML (the format of web pages), and integrates it seamlessly into your webpages.

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DotComSecrets recommended using CaRP to make your webpages more enticing to your visitors and the search engines alike.

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RSS Makes Websites "Stickier"

Getting visitors to your website can be expensive -- both financially and in time. So when visitors arrive, you don't want them to glance at your site, leave, and never come back.

High-quality content keeps visitors from "bouncing" -- leaving after just a few seconds.

But building a "sticky" site takes more than just great content. You need a way to entice visitors to come back tomorrow.

Ask yourself this: even if a site's content is great, if there's never anything new, is there any reason to come back? Well, maybe.

If the site's content were constantly updating, then would there be a reason to return? Sure.

That's one of the ways CaRP can help you: by importing content from an RSS feed related to the topic of your website and constantly updating it, CaRP makes your site more interesting and "stickier".