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What is CaRP?

CaRP is an "RSS parser" -- a PHP web script that converts content from RSS data feeds to HTML (the format of web pages), and integrates it seamlessly into your webpages.

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RSS Helps With SEO

Fresh, relevant content is good for more than just people -- it also improves your site's freshness and relevance for the search engines.

What do search engines want? Money, of course! Money comes from traffic, and traffic comes from giving searchers the best possible search results.

Search engines use lots of different clues to help decide which pages to list at the top of their search results. RSS feeds can help you with some of those.

Relevance: RSS feeds are available on every topic under the sun. Import one that relates to the topic of your website, and you'll have relevant content for the search engines to see.

Fresh vs. Stale: which do you think people search more for -- fresh information or old information?

If you said "both", you're right! People search for old, authoritative information and hot-off-the-presses new information. So the search engines love both.

They love old webpages with lots of links pointing to them -- they've proven themselves "authoritative". Using RSS to import high-quality content from other sites can earn you links.

But where RSS really shines is freshness. Importing RSS feeds keeps your site looking fresh to the search engines, because your pages get updated whenever new content is added RSS feed, it automatically shows up on your site.