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When you buy the RSS Super Pack, you'll get 20 free plugins that you can use to format, filter, and control how RSS feeds are displayed on your website.

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What is CaRP?

CaRP is an "RSS parser" -- a PHP web script that converts content from RSS data feeds to HTML (the format of web pages), and integrates it seamlessly into your webpages.

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More Plugins

The RSS Super Pack comes with even more plugins that aren't demonstrated here. You can see a few in the "Live Demos" section. The others are:

  • Access Keys: adds accelerator keys (eg. alt+1) to each feed item.
  • Click: route clicks to any URL of your choice (eg. a click tracking script -- remember to redirect to the original link when finished processing!)
  • Filter: filters out feed items that you don't want displayed.
  • ItemIDs: wraps each item in a <div> with a unique ID (useful for integrating with other scripts).
  • MySQL: stores parsed feed items in a database for other scripts to use.
  • Newer Than: only displays items newer than a specified age.
  • Numeric Entities: converts HTML numeric entities (eg. &#x3A2C;) to characters.
  • Processed Data: returns parsed feed data in a PHP array
  • Quicktime: shows QuickTime and MPEG movies
  • Replace Text: search and replace feed content before display (fix broken URLs, expand acronyms...)
  • XML Encode: encodes output so that it can be embedded in an XML document (use to generate aggregate or filtered RSS feeds...)