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What is CaRP?

CaRP is an "RSS parser" -- a PHP web script that converts content from RSS data feeds to HTML (the format of web pages), and integrates it seamlessly into your webpages.

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"The biggest thing I use it for is to display dynamic feed content with blog posts. There are plugins for wordpress that allow you to pull feeds too, but CaRP is so much more powerful and flexible than any of them it's like comparing a Nail Gun to a hard rock."

The Age Format Plugin

The age format plugin lets you alter the formatting of each newsfeed item based on how old it is. For example, you could emphasize fresh content by displaying more of the content from newer items.

Here's an example with 5 items taken from the feed of the popular tech news site Slashdot.

For items less than 90 minutes old (if any), the headline, timestamp and 180 characters of the summary are displayed. For items 90 to 180 minutes old (if any), the timestamp is removed and the summary shortened to 90 characters. For even older items, only the headline is displayed.