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  • High-quality, SEO friendly website content
  • The search engines to visit and index my site more often
  • Protection from dangerous "cross site scripting" attacks
  • Atom feed support
  • Enhanced image support
  • Podcast support
  • 19 free bonus plugins
    • Filter: Powerful filtering features control which feed items are displayed and which aren't
    • Expander: Make feed item descriptions collapsable and expandable with "show more" and "show less" links
    • AgeFormat: Vary the formatting of items based on how old they are
    • FlexFormat: Alternating background colors, multi-column tables, and many other ways to vary the formatting of items in a feed
    • MySQL: Store parsed feed items in a MySQL database for other scripts to access - create a feed archive
    • YouTube: Search for and display YouTube videos by keyword or creator
    • QuickTime: Display QuickTime, MPEG and MPEG-4 videos
    • ReplaceText: Expand acronyms, add bold or italics to certain words or phrases, "bleep" language you don't want appearing on your site, etc.
    • Click: Redirect clicks though any URL you wish - track which headlines are clicked the most, etc.
    • XMLEncode: After aggregating and filtering multiple feeds, output a "mashup" feed in RSS 2.0 format
    • and more...
  • A "brandable" eBook about making money with RSS that I can earn commissions by giving away
  • An MP3 audio recording of the eBook
  • Free updates
  • A 30 40 50-day no questions asked 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
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One webmaster on all of: their own websites or one company's websites