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This example is powered by our RSS to JavaScript conversion service, Jawfish, which is powered by CaRP Evolution.

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  • CaRP Evolution (plugins not included)
  • Grouper Evolution (HTML to RSS converter) & 1 scraper plugin
  • RSS Marketing Secrets (PDF eBook)
  • How to Build an SEO Content Factory (PDF or Mobipocket eBook)
  • WordPress plugins that use CaRP to display RSS feeds, Amazon affiliate ads, Twitter tweets, etc. in your blog.
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Buy the CaRP Plugins Pack, and save 50% off the regular prices (plugins also available separately, and in the RSS Super Pack):

  • CaRP Evolution & all 20 plugins
  • Free upgrades to any 4.X version
  • All new plugins that are added to version 4.X
Single User ($57.40 $19)
Single Server ($231.40 $79)
Company ($579.40 $199)

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