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» Web-Based RSS Feed Reader, Blogging & Social Platform

Discover how an optimized tool and blogging method took me from twice a month blogger to daily blogger, and more than doubled my blog's traffic (free eBook download at the link above).

» RSS Marketing Secrets

Free eBook download. Includes a copy of CaRP Evolution.

Display RSS feeds on your website

How and why
  • The "RSS Marketing Secrets" eBook explains why you'll want RSS feeds displayed on your webpages.
  • The two following tools, CaRP and Jawfish, will display feeds on your webpages. For PHP-powered sites, CaRP is usually the better option.
CaRP: see the right side of this page for one example of what you can do with CaRP Evolution
  • RSS parser / RSS to HTML converter
  • Use on PHP-enabled websites
  • Free download of CaRP Evolution
  • CaRP Evolution plugins add many additional features
  • Improve search engine ranking by increasing freshness and relevance
  • RSS to JavaScript, frames or iframes converter
  • Works with all websites
  • Free trial
  • No installation required

Create RSS feeds

  • Create RSS feeds from:
    • Atom and other XML formats
    • Blogs and other web pages
    •, and All Posters affiliate search results
    • Google™ News search results
    • Yahoo!™ News search results
  • View the feeds in your RSS reader or use CaRP to display them on your website
  • Use on PHP-enabled websites
  • Free download of Grouper Free
  • Grouper Evolution adds plugin support and many additional features

Remix RSS feeds

Moray uses CaRP and Grouper to filter multiple feeds and aggregate them together into a single feed. RSS mashups are now easier using CaRP Evolution alone!

Feed Directory

Chordata: Find quality-rated RSS and Atom feeds in hundreds of categories. Subscribe to our "best of" feeds from each category.

Make a JavaScript version of your feed

CaRP: generate a JavaScript version of your existing RSS feed, enabling any website to easily import it with a simple script tag.

Affiliate RSS feeds

» About RSS

What is it and why should anyone care?

» The Evolution of CaRP Evolution

The history of it's creation and growth to high-powered RSS to HTML converter.

» Alpha Gecko - Atom/RSS

(weblog) - Antone Roundy on RSS & Atom

» Info Bite - Japanese

(weblog) - More of the above, but it takes me longer to write!
Example: RSS news feed imported and displayed by CaRP:
Como obter Backlinks usando RSS | Tutorial Completo de SEO
23 Mar 2023 at 6:06am
Lesson 26 - How to Use RSS Directories for SEO Best Practices and Strategies
15 Mar 2023 at 7:00am
13 Mar 2023 at 1:42pm

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