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The purpose of this page is to clarify the relationships between CaRP Evolution and the other products I've created that work with it.

CaRP Evolution

CaRP Evolution's primary purpose is to convert RSS and Atom newsfeeds to HTML and integrate it into webpages. CaRP displays the content in a search engine friendly way, and keeps it up-to-date automatically when the newsfeeds are updated.

CaRP Gets Data From:

RSS and Atom feeds, including (but not limited to) those output by Grouper and WordPress.

CaRP Outputs:

  • HTML integrated into webpages.
  • JavaScript, which can be used to display feeds in webpages that don't support PHP, though the content will be invisible to search engines.
  • RSS 2.0 (this feature enables CaRP to aggregate multiple RSS or Atom feeds and output their content in a single feed).
  • Customized XML for YesTube and Tetra.

A free version of CaRP (CaRP LE) is also available.

Grouper Evolution

Grouper Evolution's primary purpose is to convert various XML formats to RSS 2.0. It can also "scrape" webpages to generate RSS feeds (unless the feeds are only for personal use, this should be done only with the consent of the website owner).

Grouper Gets Data From:

  • RSS and Atom newsfeeds.
  • Affiliate XML feeds from, and
  • Many other XML formats (with some custom configuration).
  • Web pages.

Grouper Outputs:

RSS 2.0 feeds, which may be consumed by Feed Readers, CaRP, or any other application capable of reading RSS.

A free version of Grouper (Grouper Free) is also available.

LinContEx Remote

LinContEx Remote works with to automate the "grunt work" involved in an RSS-powered link and content exchange service.

LinContEx Remote Gets Data From:

RSS and Atom feeds, and optionally works with WordPress blogs.

LinContEx Remote Outputs:

Commands to CaRP Evolution, which displays the RSS feeds, and commands to can be used without LinContEx Remote.


CaRP/WP is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to use CaRP within WordPress posts and pages.

CaRP/WP Gets Data From:


What CaRP/WP Does:

Loads and configures CaRP and tells it what feed(s) to display.


Twidget/WP is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to use CaRP Evolution to display your Twitter updates in a WordPress widget.


YesTube is a custom YouTube video player. It uses CaRP Evolution's YouTube plugin to display videos, and comes with a variety of background images and themes, and a web-based application for creating video players.

CaRP/WP Gets Data From:

CaRP (which gets data from YouTube).

YesTube outputs:

YouTube videos in a customizable interface.

Affiliate Afterburner

Affiliate Afterburner is a niche affiliate content site building tool.

Affiliate Afterburner Gets Data From:

CaRP Evolution -- which may get the data from Grouper Evolution -- both of which get the data from affiliate programs, RSS and Atom feeds, YouTube, etc. The data is mixed with your own content and a site template.

Affiliate Afterburner outputs:

Web pages combining all the input data.


Tetra is a DHTML (JavaScript) scroller script.

Tetra Gets Data From:

  • CaRP
  • Data entered by the webmaster when creating the scroller.

Tetra Outputs:

Code that creates a scroller in a webpage.