Jawfish adds support for frames & iframes

The Jawfish service, which enables any website to display RSS newsfeeds, has added support for displaying newsfeeds in a frame or iframe, in addition to its ability to display them using JavaScript.

OREM, Utah--3 November 2003--Mouken L.C. is pleased to announce an upgrade to their Jawfish service, which enables any website to display automatically-updated RSS newsfeeds. This upgrade adds the ability to display newsfeeds in a frame or iframe, in addition to its ability to display them anywhere on a page using JavaScript, giving customers greater flexibility in determining the arrangement of their websites, and providing compatibility with web browsers that do not support JavaScript or have it turned off.

The Jawfish service costs $14.95 per year to display up to 10 newsfeeds, with additional batches of newsfeeds costing $12.95 per year. New signups may try out the service for a few days for free. For sites that can run PHP scripts, CaRP, the engine behind Jawfish, is available in a freely downloadable version and a $7.50 (US) full featured version. Custom installation is available for $30.00.

About Mouken, L.C.:

Mouken, L.C. offers a variety of software, website and other products including plugins to extend the power of FileMaker Pro and iMovie, an email SPAM filter, tools for importing RSS newsfeeds into websites, apparel, a chess website and more.

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