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Peel Away Ads

Peel Away Ads v2

I've acquired the rights to resell the genuine Peel Away Ads script from Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude (click "special offer" in the upper right-hand corner of this page if you haven't seen these yet). You'll also get training videos and technical support from the script's creators!

But here's the really great part: Harris and Richard sold Peel Away Ads for $27 (in fact it's $37 if you don't find the link to the discount price), but here, you'll get it for just $19.97! But that's not all you'll get...

Spinning Popup Generator

Spinning Popup Generator

Harris and Richard will throw in a free bonus script that generates spinning popup ads!

But there's one more bonus you won't find anyone giving away anywhere else...

Tetra: JavaScript scroller

Tetra JavaScript/DHTML Scroller

Buy Peel Away Ads from this page only, and I'll throw in a free copy of Tetra, the JavaScript/DHTML scroller that you see running up the right side of the page! You won't find anyone giving away this bonus anywhere else, because no one else has the right to give it to you! (I'm the one who created it.)

And get this: Tetra normally sells for $19.97 all by itself! (Am I crazy to give you all three for that price!? Maybe...but go ahead and take advantage of my insanity! I don't mind!)
Click To Buy Now Get All 3 Scripts For Only $19.97!
Tetra can scroll any kind of webpage content -- plain text, HTML styled text, even images.
Configure your scrollers to run right to left, left to right, up or down, at any speed you want.
You control how long Tetra pauses between scrolling items, and whether or not it pauses when moused over.
Intergrate auto- updating content from RSS newsfeeds into your Tetra scrollers using CaRP (a free version is available).
Tetra scollers can update on-the-fly without even reloading your webpage using AJAX technology.
Once all the items in the scroller have scrolled by, it starts over from the beginning...
Click To Buy Now -- Get All 3 Scripts For Only $19.97!

No Longer Available

We regret that the makers of Peel Away Ads have removed it from the market. We were a reseller of Peel Away Ads, but were not licensed to distribute it directly. Instead, we were required to send customers to the vendor's site to download the product. Since their website is defunct, we are no longer able to sell the product.