Partner With Antone Roundy
and Gecko Tribe, LLC

Nobody builds a skyscraper all by their self. Joint Ventures, affiliate marketing, "Integration Marketing"...a lot of names are used to describe ways of working with others to better serve our customers and grow our businesses.

This page describes the kinds of partnering activities I'm looking for (and some that I'm not).

  • Join my Critical Mass Blogging Team/Blog Riffing
  • Affiliates
  • Being an affiliate
    • I promote your products.
    • I'm more likely to promote your products if we've already gotten to know each other and/or worked together in some other way than if you simply ask me to join your affiliate program out of the blue.
    • I'm only interested in being an affiliate for high-quality products, and products clearly targeted at my customers.
    • I'm much more likely to promote a product I've actually used, and will certainly do a better job of promoting a product I've used, so if you'd like me to promote your product, please consider sending me a review copy.
    • Use my Help Desk to contact me about your affiliate program.
  • Email broadcast trades
    • Have your message sent to my list.
    • Get content to send to your list.
    • Possibly earn commissions on sales of my products (depending on the specific arrangement).
    • If you have a mailing list in the internet marketing or webmaster niche, I may be interested in an email broadcast exchange.
    • If our subscriber counts are similar, and depending on the relative prices of the products to be promoted, lets consider whether to use non-affiliate links to inspire greater trust from our subscribers.
    • Even our subscriber counts aren't similar, we may be able to work out a mutually-beneficially arrangement -- for example: two mailings for one; one of us uses affiliate links and the other doesn't; etc.
    • I'm much more likely to mail about a product I've used, and would strongly prefer for you to mail about a product of mine that you've used.
    • I will not email about a product I don't approve of (for example, anything "black hat"), or which I don't believe would be of significant value to my subscribers.
    • Use my Help Desk to contact me about broadcast exchanges.
  • Guest blogging
    • Get your content read by my readers.
    • Get links to your website.
    • Get content for your readers and website.
    • If you have a blog related to my products or areas of expertise and would like me to write a guest post for it, use my Help Desk to send me your blog URL and any particular topics you'd be interested in my writing about.
    • If you have expertise in subjects related to my products or things I've blogged about and would like to write a guest post, use my Help Desk to let me know what topic(s) you'd to write about and send me (a) link(s) to similar content you've written in the past (whether on your own site or as a guest for someone else).
  • RSS exchanges
    • Get relevant, search-engine-visible links to your blog content.
    • Get traffic through those links.
    • Get relevant, auto-updating content for your website.
    • If you have a high-quality blog related to my products or areas of expertise, let's display each others' latest blog headlines and summaries on our sites.
    • The content will be imported from our blogs' RSS feeds using a script like CaRP Evolution.
    • You must use a caching script (one that doesn't fetch my feed every time your page is displayed), and it must integrate the content into your website in a search-engine-visible way (eg. not JavaScript).
    • If interested, request the exchange through LinContEx (you can create a free account). You shouldn't have too much trouble finding my feeds if you know what my business is about...or perhaps finding the feed of somebody better suited to exchanging with you.
  • Case studies of people using my products
    • Highlight you, your website, your products, etc.
    • Get links to your website.
    • I will be (or by the time you read this, perhaps already am) regularly sending case studies to my customers and leads showing how people are using and benefitting from my products.
    • Case studies may be produced in PDF, audio, and/or video format (live or screen capture).
    • It is, of course, easier for me if you produce the case study yourself, but I'm likely willing to produce some of them based on information you send me.
    • If you want to share your case study with my customers and leads, please submit the following to my Help Desk:
      • Either a link to where I can access a case study you've created, or the information necessary to create a case study
      • A website you'd like me to link to on any page where the case study is posted
      • Let me know whether its okay for me to put the case study on a paid membership site (for example, a site where paid members get to see new case studies, and free members get access after they're a month old) -- Any such membership site would offer recurring commissions to affiliates who send members to it (ie. that could be you).
      • Whether you want access to your case study restricted to paying customers, or whether it can be available to anyone
      • A statement to the effect that this is a case study of your use of the product or that you hired someone to use the product as shown by the case study, and that you have the right to authorize me to use the case study
  • Products that I can give away as bonuses
    • You could require my customers to register on your site or join your mailing list to get the bonus product.
    • Your product could promote others of your products.
    • Your product could contain your affiliate links for other people's products ("Affiliate Landmines").
    • You could offer a free month in a membership program, after which the customer would have to pay for continued membership.
    • I don't expect to you let me give away your flagship product (unless it's something like a free one month membership in a membership program), but I am not interested in junky products.
    • I am not interested in products containing adware, spyware, or any other malicious code, nor in programs that are difficult to uninstall.
    • I am only interested in products that would clearly be of interest to my target market -- the more closely related to my products they are, the better.
    • I am not interested in "trial versions" of products which expire -- limited time memberships to membership sites are okay, but not limited time products.
    • I am not interested in products that you are giving away for free on your site -- I don't want people checking out the bonus product before getting mine, and seeing that I'm not offering them anything that can't get free from you.
    • I do not expect exclusivity -- it's okay if you're letting other people give your product away as a bonus.
    • I prefer products that aren't already being given away as bonuses by too many other people.
    • I am not interested in products that you acquired redistribution rights for from someone else unless you purchased exclusive rights -- they must be your products.
    • I prefer products that have some sort of affiliate potential for me -- for example, if the customer has to register on your site to get the bonus, the link to the registration form could be my affiliate link so that if they buy something else from you, I'd earn a commission
    • If you'd like to partner with me in this way, please submit the following to my Help Desk:
      • Name and description of the product
      • If it's downloadable, a link I can use to download it
      • Which of my products you'll permit me to give it as a bonus with.
      • If the connection between your product and mine is not obvious, please explain -- just be sure it's not obscure
      • A statement to the effect that the product is yours, not one that you have non-exclusive redistribution rights for, and that you have the right to give me the right to redistribute the product
      • A description of how you'd like me to deliver the product (eg. a download link, a link to a form for the customer to use to register to get it, any special access code the customer may need, etc.)
  • Link exchanges
    • Please do not contact me requesting a link exchange. Instead, work with me in one of the ways listed above. I'll probably post links to your site as part of those activities.
  • Promoting unrelated products
    • Please do not contact me about your affiliate program or product launch unless your product is directly related to mine or specifically of interest to my target market. No matter how great your product is or how much you're paying JV partners and affiliates, if it's not targeted at my customers, I won't get involved, nor will I waste my time responding to requests to promote it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Antone Roundy

Gecko Tribe, LLC
PO Box 5835
Grand Island, NE 68802
Voice Mail: 308-646-0543