95 92 Fast Movers Only: Rip Me Off!
Get a Bunch of My Best Products
In One Glorious CD Bundle
For Less Than You Think

From: Antone Roundy
Date: July 29, 2008

Why am I doing this?

A while back, while preparing to attend an internet marketing conference, I got an idea. You may know that a lot of the value of attending live events is the opportunity to have personal contact with the presenters and (just as importantly) the other attendees.

The question is, how do you quickly make a lasting impression on the people you meet?

My big idea was that rather than handing out business cards, I'd load up a CD with a bunch of my products, plus a few videos and such to help people get to know me better. And here's the real kicker -- I included a form for joining my affiliate program. Then whenever the time came to exchange business cards, I'd hand out my CD instead.

Do you think that made an impression? You bet it did -- on marketers serious enough to attend live events -- the kind I want as my affiliates!

But let's get back to the CDs.

I made too many CDs...

While the idea was right on target, I overestimated how many CDs I was going to pass out, and ended up with almost 100 extras. The other day, I decided that rather than hanging on to the extra CDs until I attend another conference, I wanted to make them available to you.

I spent about 20 minutes this morning trying to calculate a dollar value for the CD -- I'll explain why that's tricky in just a minute -- and what I came up with is that it's worth at the very least, $101.97 (but it could be more than $250.94). Let me break it down for you.

"What's on the CD?"

The CD contians full versions of 3 of my products:

  • ExPop -- an "exit hover ad" generator script that I sell for $27.
  • Tetra -- a JavaScript (DHTML) scroller script that integrates with my flagship product, CaRP, to scroll RSS newsfeed content (among other things). Tetra sells for $19.97.
  • List Mailer GT Pro -- which will enable you to send emails to 8 different "viral mailing list" services all at the same time. List Mailer GT Pro sells for $10.

The CD would have been a pretty good "ambassodor" for me with just those, but it also contains "limited edition" versions of 3 more of my products:

  • CaRP Koi 4.0 -- a discontinued "middle" version of my RSS to HTML converter script, CaRP -- lots of features not found in the free version, but not so many as CaRP Evolution. CaRP Evolution costs $47. Estimated value of CaRP Koi: $30 (except that people tell me my products are underpriced, so it's probably more!)
  • Grouper Evolution LE -- an XML to RSS converter script. It has all the features of Grouper Evolution, minus a few helper plugins that convert affiliate feeds to RSS. Grouper Evolution sells for $24.97. Estimated value of the limited edition: $15 (except that it's probably underpriced too).
  • Fast JV LE -- an affiliate bonus delivery system (it delivers bonus products to people who buy though your affiliate links.) This version works only with my affiliate program, and is free to my affiliates (definitely underpriced!) The full version, which sells for $97, also works with ClickBank and any affiliate program that cares to add support for Fast JV.

So, $56.97 worth of full versions + $45 worth of LE versions (I'm not adding anything for Fast JV LE, even though it'd be worth paying for) = at least $101.97. It also contains two scripts that I give away for free:

  • CaRP/WP -- a WordPress plugin that works with CaRP and makes it easy to add auto-updating content inside your WordPress blog posts and pages.
  • External Pop -- a script that displays your "hover ads" over the tops of other people's webpages. This is a great way to promote affiliate products, because it looks like you're in with the product owner enough to get them to display your comments on their website. I give this away to get people to join one of my mailing lists.

Plus, if you've got your own affiliate program and would like your affiliates to be able to use Fast JV, you'll get sample code that you can adapt to make that work.

Finally, for your entertainment, I added three videos (2 from my "Guru Stalker" blog, and one that I made just for fun several years ago), and an MP3 of a spoof I recorded of "I Go Out Walking After Midnight" (hint: think "stalking").

So there's a bunch of "free" stuff that I'm not going to claim a dollar value for even though at least some of it would definitely be worth paying for.

"Enough talk, what's the deal Antone?"

So I'm sure you're wondering how much the CD is going to cost, and I'll tell you. The price is $97 $79. That's over 22% off, but it's actually an even better deal. I'm going to make it sound like a worse deal for a minute! But then I'm going to add a bunch of bonuses.

So, let's make it sound worse. The CD does not come with free upgrades to any of the products. (Now we're getting into why I said above that calculating the value of the CD was tricky.)

If you want to get upgrades to ExPop, that'll cost $10. If you want upgrades to Tetra, that'll cost $7. And if you want upgrades to List Mailer GT Pro, that'll cost $5.

So if you do want upgrades to all 3, you might say the CD is worth $101.97 - $22 = $79.97 (plus the value of the bonuses I'll be adding below). But you don't have to buy upgrade subscriptions for any or all of the products.

"But wait, there's more!"

First, I'll pay to mail it to you anywhere in the United States on my dime (more than a dime, come to think of it). International shipments will cost only $4.

Second, I'm offering discounts for upgrading from the LE to the full versions of CaRP, Grouper and Fast JV. The upgrade prices are $17 to get CaRP Evolution (regularly $47), $9 to get Grouper Evolution (regularly $24.97), and (this is huge) only $47 to get Fast JV (remember, that's a $97 product -- only people who buy this CD can get this price -- and if I run out of CDs before you buy, sorry, but I'm not going to make exceptions -- this price is for fast movers only!)

All upgrade prices include free future updates, and all are, of course, optional -- upgrade only the products you want.

Third, you're getting a slim CD case and a physical CD with a fancy-schmancy LightScribe label! :-) Okay, I'm joking -- the LightScribe label's not such a big deal. In fact, it took so long to burn each one that I did most of them in "draft" mode. I'll never do that on a large scale again!

Fourth, I've got a bunch of secret bonuses for everyone who buys the CD. I'll email you download links for them.

Fifth, I'll add a special offer for anyone who buys the CD and upgrades to CaRP Evolution: not only will the $17 upgrade fee get you CaRP Evolution, but I'll throw in a free copy of YesTube, a script that works with CaRP Evolution to make custom YouTube video players.

Finally, the 25 24 fastest movers will get another huge discount -- buy resale rights to Tetra (my scroller script) for only $20! (Tetra resale rights normally sell for $97 -- you'll save $77!)

So, what's the total value of this offer?

Product or Offer Value Notes
ExPop (full version) $27.00  
Tetra (full version) $19.97  
List Mailer GT Pro (full version) $10.00  
CaRP Koi 4.0 $30.00  
Grouper Evolution LE $15.00  
Fast JV LE $0.00 I guess we'll call it $0 since I give it to my affiliates
CaRP Evolution upgrade offer $0.00 $47 price of CaRP Evolution - $30 for Koi (above) - $17 for the upgrade = $0
Grouper Evolution upgrade offer $0.97 $24.97 price of Grouper Evolution - $15 for Grouper LE (above) - $9 for the upgrade = $0.97
Fast JV upgrade offer $50.00 $97 price of Fast JV - $0 for Fast JV LE - $47 for the upgrade = $50
Tetra resale rights offer $77.00 $97 (normal price) - $20 (your price) = $77
YesTube free with CaRP Evolution upgrade $17.00  
The rest of the contents of the CD + More than the $0 I'm claiming!
Free (USA) or cheap (Intl.) shipping $?.?? A few more dollars
The secret unnamed bonuses $?.?? You'll find out...!
Slim CD case and lovely LightScribe label Priceless! ;-)
Total Value: over $250.94, your price, only $97 $79!

Don't wait too long...

So here's the bottom line: I made 95 too many CDs. When they're gone, this sale will end. If any extra payments get through before I shut this page down, I'll refund the ones that didn't make it in time (sorry, I'm just not going to make any more of these CDs).

Once your payment has been processed (and I've verified that you were one of the first 95), I'll mail the CD and email you exclusive links you can use to buy any upgrades that you want.

For this offer, I will ship ONLY to CONFIRMED PayPal addresses -- sorry, no exceptions. If you haven't confirmed your address with PayPal, I recommend doing so (even if you can't do it in time to get the CD before they sell out.)

Because of the nature of this offer, no refunds will be given. If the CD you receive is defective, send it back and I'll send you a replacement...yeah, even if that means I have to spend 15 minutes burning another LightScribe label!

If you can live with these limitations, I look forward to sending you this collection of scripts for your website.

Only 95 92 CDs left...

Click one of the following links to order:

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