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RSS & Atom

CaRP: "Caching RSS Parser" converts RSS feeds to HTML and integrates them automatically into you webpage content. Free version available.
Grouper: Convert XML and other data into RSS feeds. Free version available.
Jawfish: Service to convert RSS & Atom feeds to JavaScript, enabling them to be integrated into any webpage. Free trial.
Chordata: User-rated directory of RSS & Atom feeds.
7 Ways to Turn RSS into R$$: Free eBook & free RSS to HTML converter (CaRP LE).

More Website Scripts

ExPop: Unblockable on page "exit popup" hover ads.
Peel Away Ads
Tetra: JavaScript/DHTML scroller with AJAX updating capability.
AffiliCloak: Affiliate link cloaker. Free
Captcher: PHP/mySQL captcha system. Free
ExternalPop: Display hover ads over other people's webpages. Free
PHP Telnet: Make telnet connections from your PHP scripts. Free
PHP FTP: Make non-data FTP connections from your PHP scripts. Free
DeGPG: Access GPG encrypted data within PHP scripts. Free version available.
SerialND: Daemon that dispenses serial (sequential) numbers). Free

Free Web Tools & Web Design

Color Wheel: JavaScript color scheme generator.
Keyword Density Analyzer
CSS Trappist Monastery: Spiritual brother to the famous CSS Zen Garden.
White Hat Crew: Internet marketing with ethics.
SEO Articles
Internet Marketing Product Reviews

FileMaker Pro Tools and Solutions

Aero Bases: Plug-in providing calculation functions for converting characters between bases (decimal, hexidecimal, octal and binary), and numbers to characters and vice versa.
Aero Fractions: Plug-in providing calculation functions for working with fractions and factoring numbers.
Esperanto-English Dictionary



Affiliate Program: Webmasters, earn 25 - 50% or more comissions on sales of Gecko Tribe products.


Chess Hounds: Play, watch and discuss chess. Short films, short stories, poetry, graphics and music by Gecko Tribe, LLC personnel and affiliates.
The Doodle Gallery: Peruse our gallery of doodles.
News You Can't Use: You won't hear this on CNN.
Take the Quiz: Discover the mysteries of your personality.
Man on the Street: Hear what the odd man on the street has to say.
Web Postcards: Send a message to a friend.
"El Numero" - Aftermath of the "Y2K" Bug: Read an email we receieved in 1999 sent to us from the future.

Free AppleScripts:

Save Non-Popup Windows: AppleScript: Saves and restores the positions and sizes of Finder windows, allowing you to quickly switch environments for different tasks.
Save / Set Type: AppleScript: Sets the file and creator type of a file to whatever you want it to be.
Show Type: AppleScript: Shows the file and creator type of a file
Toss Email Junk: AppleScript: Designed for use with Claris Em@iler. Throws away a lot of the junk files that end up in Em@iler's Downloads folder.
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