Warning: Your Website is
Leaking Traffic!

"The average website visitor leaves in less than 10 seconds. Catch them on the way out, or they're gone forever."

Over 70% of visitors to many websites stay less than 10 seconds before clicking their "back" button and leaving forever. When that happens to you:

  • Your SEO efforts are wasted
  • Your advertising dollars are wasted
  • Your social marketing efforts are wasted
  • The time you spent creating your product is wasted
  • The time and effort spent perfecting your sales letter is wasted
  • ...it's over -- they're gone!

You do your best to catch their attention with a great headline, inviting images, etc. And that works for some of your traffic. But...

How can you hook those who are leaving without annoying those who are staying?



The product introduced on this page (ExPop) may still be purchased below, but is no longer under active development, and most of the information that was here has been moved to the following link.

ExPop has been replaced by TriggerNote, which, in addition to exit intent hover popups, does many other things.

Find out more about TriggerNote's Exit Hover Intent Features.

Or, to find out what else TriggerNote can do, Visit the TriggerNote homepage.

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ExPop comes with a risk-free 45 day no questions asked 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
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