Access GPG encrypted data with web scripts
Version 1.0.1 - 11/3/2004

© 2004 Antone Roundy

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DeGPG runs in the background on your server to provide access to GPG encrypted data to your web scripts. It will also work with GPG to encrypt and store data submitted via web forms.

To give your web scripts access to encrypted data, you log in and enter the passphrase to decrypt the data. The data is decrypted and stored in memory till a web script needs to access it. In cases where your web script only needs, for example, and MD5 hash of the data, rather than the decrypted data itsself, DeGPG can be instructed only to reveal the MD5 hash, and not the raw data. Additional data may be prepended or appended to the decrypted data before computing the hash.

Warning & Disclaimer: GPG provides strong encryption that is virtually unbreakable by any currently known method. Any system which decrypts the data will weaken the security of your data to some degree. You are responsible to consider carefully the best system for securing your data. For example, if your web scripts need access to an MD5 hash of your data, but never need to prepend or append anything to the data before computing the hash, simply storing the MD5 hash would be more secure than using a tool like DeGPG.

Although we have made every effort to make DeGPG as secure as possible, it may provide a way for a skilled and determined individual to access sensitive data. This software is provided as-is with no warrantee whatsoever. Use of DeGPG in jurisdictions which do not allow such limitation of liability is prohibited.

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