SEO Content Factory users, I have a question for you. There's been a bit of uproar lately from Google Reader users over Google's plans to removing sharing and social features from Reader. It got me thinking, something like that could be added to SEO Content Factory. My question is, would you be interested?

What I'd probably do is make it so that you could use SEO Content Factory to publish any number of feeds of shared items (just one for everything, or you could split them up by topic, etc.)

You'd be able to tack on an annotation to each shared item.

SEO Content Factory would automatically send information about your feeds (if you want) to my server, which would keep a searchable list of shared feeds, and show previews of them to searchers, similar to our blog network.

You could, on a feed-by-feed basis, control whether each feed was publicly searchable in the directory or not, and whether the feed was password protected or not. If it's password protected, the directory probably wouldn't show a preview (it'd seem a little weird to protect it but have a publicly available preview). And maybe the directory could link to a contact form on your site where people could request the password.

That's what I've brainstormed up so far. Anyone interested? Shall we hang out a sign for displaced Google Reader users?