Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest to rename CaRP Evolution. I got a lot of great suggestions. Last night, I picked my five favorites, added an idea of my own to the list, and painstakingly eliminated them one by one to arrive at the winner.

The final names that I was considering weren't exactly the names that had been suggested, but each of the top suggestions included a word that either captured part of the essence of what CaRP does, or would have been useful in communicating that quickly to people not yet familiar with CaRP, or in some cases even with RSS. I took those words and created a bunch of combinations using other words I thought I might use in the name. That gave me a list of 28 possibilities.

I asked my wife for her opinion, but other than reinforcing my decision to eliminate all the combinations containing one of the terms, she didn't have much to say. Oh well, it's my contest -- I guess I have to decide!

So, on to the winners.

First, I've decided that Julie (who's last name I'm not sure of, but you know who you are!) who suggested holding the contest should get the same prize as the first place winner -- her choice of any three Gecko Tribe products.

Next, the third place winner (who gets his choice of any one Gecko Tribe product) was the first person to submit a suggestion, Shawn Collins. His suggestion was Site Feeder.

The second place winner (who gets any two Gecko Tribe products) is Frank Thomas, who suggested RSS Commander.

This contest has been a bit controversial. I've received emails and blog comments from people who think renaming CaRP is a terrible idea, and others who think it's a great idea that's long overdue. I imagine the new name will be loved by some and hated by others as much as the very idea of renaming CaRP.

What makes this all even more fun is that the winning suggestion came from an unknown person! I'm not going to tell you what their suggestion was (you'll see why in a minute), but I will tell you that the new name for CaRP (when I get the next revision completed) will be Web Content Pipeline. The sales copy will run along the lines of "connect a content pipeline to your website", "pipe in content from blogs, news sites, YouTube, podcasts, affiliate feeds and more", etc.

Reader Comment:
Jewels999GreatE - Julie R. Bechthold said:
Hey Antone, I happen to think the name is really great!! But, as you can see by my screen name I like names that are kind of way out there! Not that your products names are 'way out there'. You are right. You will get those that aren't happy ...
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Here's how we're going to (hopefully!) find out who submitted the winning suggestion: If you submitted a suggestion similar to "Web Content Pipeline", contact me through my help desk using the web form (don't send en email -- the web form will make it more likely that I'll be able to verify against the IP address of the person who submitted the suggestion), and let me know (as nearly as you can remember):

  1. what your suggestion was
  2. when you submitted it
  3. what three Gecko Tribe products you'd like to receive
  4. where to send them
  5. and your name, so that I can announce who the winner is!

If no one claims the first prize before the end of the day on February 10, I'll bump up everyone who was in the second through fourth positions.

Everyone who won prizes, either email me if you have my email address or use the help desk form linked to above to let me know which prizes you'd like and where to email them. You can find a list of products on the Gecko Tribe homepage.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We'll soon know whether this was a good idea or not!