Updates to CaRP Evolution, CaRP/WP, CaRP's MySQL plugin, and Affiliate Afterburner are ready for download here.

Here's what's new and how to update each.

CaRP Evolution 4.0.25

In case you noticed that the last update announced was 4.0.21a, the intervening updates were only released as part of BlogRiffer updates, because they were minor tweaks needed for BlogRiffer. Changes since 4.0.21a include:

  • Added support for PHP's new MySQLi extension (for MySQL caching and the MySQL plugin).
  • Enabled overriding the User-Agent string CaRP sends when loading a feed (the setting is "useragent").
  • Fixed a bug when using MySQL caching, specifying the database name, but not having CaRP select the database.
  • Feeds can now be loaded over HTTPS if the URL specifies the protocol as "feeds://". This is a non-standard variant of the "feed://" protocol that's used by BlogRiffer.

To upgrade, upload the following files, overwriting the old files: carp.php, carpinc.php, plugins/mysql.php. Also changed are carpsetup.php, carpsetupinc.php and mysql_setup.php.

To avoid needing to upgrade old code on servers that have both the MySQL and MySQLi extensions available, MySQL is the default. If you wish to switch to MySQLi, add this line of code:


You will also need to be sure that you're either specifying the database name or setting the "mysql-connection" setting (if reusing a MySQLi connection that was already opened by another script).

CaRP/WP 2.0.8

  • If CaRP has already been loaded by another script, CaRP/WP will reset it, but not try to load it.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the admin control panel from properly setting the path to CaRP if another script defined the constant "install_path".
  • Fixed entity encoding of a bit of text in the README.

To upgrade, upload carp-wp.php and admin.php, overwriting the old files.

Affiliate Afterburner 2.1.5

  • Replaced CaRP with the latest version.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an error when displaying ads not powered by CaRP, depending on the sort order settings.

To upgrade, upload these files, overwriting the old ones: affiliate-afterburner-wp.php, carp/carp.php, carp/carpinc.php, inc/common.php.