The more I use TriggerNote myself, the more I want it to be able to do. So I upgraded its WordPress component. Plus, I noticed and fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.2.1 is now available, with the following changes:

  • The WordPress plugin can now load multiple Trigger Sets on the same page, including combinations of auto- and manually-selected Trigger Sets.
  • The WordPress post editor code is now included in the plugin. (Our build script had accidentally left it out, so only the default settings could be set. Oops!)
  • Enabled adding multiple Trigger Sets to a page with a single function call, instead of requiring multiple calls to TriggerNoteUseTriggerSet. The new function, TriggerNoteUseTriggerSet, takes an array of Trigger Set IDs as it's argument. For example: TriggerNoteUseTriggerSets(array(1,2,3));
  • Fixed a bug in the Google Analytics Event Action that sometimes caused the "Value" field to be initialized incorrectly, which sometimes prevented the event from being recorded.
  • Fixed the spelling of the "Dark Lime" color scheme in 3 of the Recipes.
  • Fixed the positioning of the hover box (it had been "absolute" instead of "fixed", which caused it to be placed incorrectly if the page had been scrolled.)
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause numeric settings to be initialized incorrectly if no numeric value was entered.

How to Upgrade

Download the latest version.

If you're upgrading from a version earlier than 1.2, the easiest approach is simply to re-upload everything, sign in to the TriggerNote control panel, and update your database.

When upgrading from version 1.2, you can either re-upload everything, or upload just the following files. No database update is needed:

  • actions/google-analytics-event.php
  • admin/recipes/trigger
    • delayed-hover.php
    • exit-hover.php
    • exit-interstitial.php
  • core.php
  • style.php
  • TriggerNote-JS.php
  • TriggerNote.php
  • All of the contents of TriggerNoteWP