TriggerNote version 1.1 is ready for purchase and download. Changes in this version include:

  • New Actions for loading Google Analytics, and sending event tracking data.
  • A Recipe for using Google Analytics to track clicks, which ensure that the tracking data is sent before the link is followed.
  • The ability to select optional stylesheets. At the moment, the only option these add is the ability to remove the rounded corners from hover popups, but we will be adding many more to support a variety of themes.
  • New options in several of the Recipes
    • As mentioned above, the ability to have rectangular corners instead of rounded.
    • The ability to remove the "X" button that's used to close the hover box. Instead, you can put a "no thanks" link in your hover content.
  • Updated several Recipes to prevent duplicate IDs when multiple Trigger Sets are used on the same page.
  • Fixed a bug in the Exit Hover Recipe.
  • The Class Name action can now add or remove multiple class names at once -- just separate them with spaces in the configuration fields. (Multiple class names are not supported on the "Toggle" operation, but are on all others.)
  • Fixed a bug in the WordPress plugin that prevented the installation path from being saved when not installed in the recommend place in your web directory.

To upgrade:

  1. Upload the following files, replacing the old files (if the file existed before):
    • TriggerNote/
      • actions/
        • class-name.php
        • google-analytics-event.php
        • google-analytics-load.php
      • admin/
        • actions/
          • google-analytics-event.php
          • google-analytics-load.php
        • admin-js.php
        • admin.css
        • controlpanel.php
        • install.php
        • recipes/trigger/ (all files)
        • update.php
      • core.php
      • default-conf.php
      • style/ (all files)
    • TriggerNoteWP/inc/admin.php
  2. Load TriggerNote/admin/update.php in your web browser, and click the button to update your database.

Stay tuned for more upgrades, including lots of style options. Also, I'm looking into the best options for enabling A/B split testing using Selectors and the new Google Analytics integration.