Version 1.6 of TriggerNote is ready for download. Along with one bug fix, this update adds several new Actions, Triggers and Recipes that can be used for parallax scrolling and other scroll-based animation effects.

Changes include:

  • Fixed a bug in the In-View Trigger that prevented it from responding to window resize events.
  • Added a Scroll/Resize Trigger, which fires whenever the page is scrolled or resized. For optimum website performance, it can be configured to wait a specified number of milliseconds between firing, rather than responding to every scroll or resize event.
  • Added a Scroll Percent Action, which stores the percentage of the page that is scrolled in a JavaScript variable (the value is used by the Tweening Action). It can also calculate the portion that a particular section of the page is scrolled through the viewport, rather than the portion of the entire page.
  • Added a Tweening Action, which sets numeric CSS values (such as the position of a background image) based on a series of "stops". This enables smooth animation by interpolating (a.k.a. tweening, or calculating the "in between" values) based on the value of a JavaScript variable.
  • Added two Recipes for parallax scrolling -- one keying off the scroll position of the page, and the other keying off the scroll position of an element on the page.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade from version 1.5, upload the following files, overwriting the old files, where applicable:

  • actions/
    • scroll-percent.php
    • tween.php
  • admin
    • actions/
      • scroll-percent.php
      • tween.php
    • recipes/trigger/
      • parallax-element.php
      • parallax-page.php
    • triggers/scroll.php
  • core.php
  • triggers/
    • in-view.php
    • scroll.php