Version 1.6.2 of TriggerNote is ready for download. Changes in this update include:

  • Fixed a bug in the installer script that prevented installation on servers that don't support PHP's older MySQL module.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Save and Continue Editing" button from continuing editing when first creating a Trigger Set.
  • Fixed a number of places in the code that could potentially result in warning messages being displayed on some servers.
  • Added two "Tool Tip" Recipes that can be used to change the contents of one part of a webpage when a visitor moves their mouse over a different part of the webpage.

To upgrade from version 1.6.1, upload the following files, overwriting the old files:

  • admin/
    • admin-js.php
    • controlpanel.php
    • recipes/trigger/
      • tool-top-add-another.php
      • tool-tip-start.php
    • update.php
  • core.php
  • TriggerNote.php