TriggerNote version 1.0 is complete and ready for download. Until the countdown timer hits zero in a few hours, you can still get it at the pre-release discount price.

Here are some screenshots showing things you can add to your website using a few new Recipes we just added.

The first is a stripe you can add to the top or bottom of your webpages. Customize the colors, size, and content. Visitors can close it by clicking the X at the right, and reopen it by clicking a tab that gets left behind when the stripe collapses.

The second shows a box that slides in from the side automatically based on where the page is scrolled to. In this example, whenever the red box at the left is in view, the box slides out. When the red box scrolls out of view, the box slides back off the screen. Customize the size, position, content. ad which page element's visibility controls the slide-in box. Visitors can close the box by clicking the X in the corner to view the content underneath.

Also, as you can see, both the stripe and the slide-in box can be used on the same page.

As of right now, there are only 6 hours 43 minutes left in the pre-release sale, so don't wait too long.