SEO Content Factory version 2.5.5 is ready for download, with a number of UI tweaks. If you don't yet own SEO Content Factory, you've still got a little more time to get a fantastic deal on it and a bunch of other products here.

Here's what's changed...since version 2.5.3 (somehow I missed announcing version 2.5.4 last weekend):

  • You can now choose between several font sizes for SEO Content Factory's UI. Click the gray gear icon at the top of the screen to find the font size setting. Font sizes change in each frame the next time it reloads after updating the size setting. (This was the only change in version 2.5.4.)
  • The number of unread items has been moved from the end of the title bar to the beginning. This makes it more likely to be visible in a tab so that you can keep an eye out for new items without having to go to SEO Content Factory.
  • When the publishing plugins display the URL where the post appears, the URL is now a link which opens in a new window or tab. (Note that the Tumblr and Twitter plugins don't display the URL, since those services dont' return it in their publishing API calls.)
  • The preview in the publishing plugins can now be "collapsed" (up to the top of the frame) without closing it completely. This enables quick edits to the content followed by easy re-expanding of the preview.
  • The "copy content" button and drop down list in the publishing plugins (other than Twitter) have been moved down next to the "shorten URL" button and drop down list.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade from version 2.5.3 (or 2.5.4), upload the following files, overwriting the old files where applicable:

  • conf.php
  • configure.php
  • content.php
  • default-conf.php
  • feed-list.php
  • groups.php (if you have SEO Content Factory/WG)
  • headlines.php
  • lobster.js
  • post_templates.php
  • styles.css
  • img/
    • collapse-preview.png
    • expand-preview.png
  • publishing-plugins/
    • atom/
      • atom.js
      • atom.php
    • blogger/
      • blogger.js
      • blogger.php
    • posterous/
      • posterous.js
      • posterous.php
    • tumblr/tumblr.php