SEO Content Factory version 2.2.2 is ready for download. Although the version number change may look small, this is a huge update with the addition of a new Blogger plugin. Use it to publish to your blogs.

Other improvements include:

  • Major improvements to the Full Content plugin:
    • The "Automatic" method falls back to the "Keep All" method instead of displaying an error message if it can't find the start of the content.
    • It's a little smarter about finding the start of the content.
    • You can specify multiple things to look for to find the start of the content (details in the plugin's help file).
    • It won't break an HTML tag in half at the start of the content.
  • Fixed bugs in opening and closing of unmatched tags, truncation of content that ends in a broken HTML tag, and JavaScript handler removal.
  • Fixed a bug in the unshorten plugin that could cause a warning message when in debug mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the Atom plugin that could cause incorrect messages in some circumstances (which don't appear to happen when using it with WordPress).
  • Added blockquote and /blockquote to the default list of accepted HTML tags (if you want to add them to your list, you'll need to click the gear icon at the top of the screen to open the Lobster configuration panel and enter them into the list).
  • A few minor tweaks the the installer.
  • Updated the encoding of links to work properly with an updated version of CaRP's MySQL plugin.

When upgrading, be sure to upgrade CaRP Evolution (including its MySQL plugin) -- which has also been updated today -- at the same time.

A list of updated files can be found in the README.