A new version of SEO Content Factory is ready for download, but you won't find it in the "SEO Content Factory" section anymore, because it's been renamed "Blog Riffer".

Since 2011, when Google's Panda update declared war on content farms, any tool that sounds like it might generate low quality content has lost a bit of favor.

Of course, SEO Content Factory was never about auto-generated or low quality content -- as you know if you've read my eBook, How to Build and Operate an SEO Content Factory (free download at that link). But with names come perceptions, and I've decided it's time to switch to a name that better reflects what SEO Content Factory Blog Riffer actually does.

How to Upgrade

With the name change, so many files have changed since version 2.8, that I'm not going to list them all. To upgrade, simply overwrite all of the old files with the new ones (you can skip the tiny_mce-seocf folder, and a few others, I'm sure, but just uploading the whole thing is probably the easiest way to go).

When you load Blog Riffer next, you'll be asked to click a link to update your database. Do that, and you should be good to go.

Changes in This Version

Along with the name change, this version includes the following upgrades, and perhaps others that I've forgotten about (with so many changes in the files due to the name changes, it's harder than usual to find the functionality changes!)

  • Updated the Tumblr plugin to work with Tumblr's new API. (If you used the Tumblr plugin before, you'll need to add your blogs again, since the data Blog Riffer needs to talk to Tumblr is different now.)
  • Added a "back" link to a bunch of places in the publishing plugin configuration panels to make it more convenient to make multiple changes at a time.
  • Put some of the options in the left pane into a "more options" box that's closed by default to clean it up a little.
  • Moved the subscribe bookmarklet from the main configuration panel to the left panel so that (in the WorkGroup version), those who don't have access to the configuration panel, but can edit subscriptions, can get to the bookmarklet.
  • Publishing plugins and their icons are now sorted alphabetically in a few places in the interface (the order used to be random).
  • When an error occurs while attempting to post a scheduled Tweet, the message is stored, and no attempts are made to re-post that Tweet.


Reader Comment:
Bobby Beaulieu said:
sounds like a winner to me, I will see if I can do it without help this time. thanks
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