Okay, I admit it. I should have done this a long time ago. Although I've already turned this feature off in my own copy of SEO Content Factory, I'm sure it's one that a lot of people are going to love. Version 2.7 now includes a visual editor for the blogging plugins.

Now I feel like I should be going through a 12-step program for people who hand-code HTML. I've completed steps 5 (admit the problem) and 8 (make a list of people I need to make amends to -- that's my customer list). Step 9 is to make version 2.7 available for download: customers can get it here.

Other changes in this version include:

  • The checkbox for listing flagged items is gone. Instead, there's just the icon, which is gray when the option is off, and white when it's on.
  • If you've unsubscribed from feeds, some of the items in the feed won't have been deleted from your database. Now you can list those "orphaned" items by clicking the icon next to the flagged items icon. (You may also need to click the flagged items icon to see anything, since most unflagged items will have been deleted before you unsubscribed from the feed.) When you're viewing orphaned items, you'll see a link at the top of the headline list for purging any orphans from your database that aren't flagged or unread. (Man, I though leaving out a visual editor was bad. Now I'm purging orphans! I may as well change my name to Ebeneezer Scrooge!) Access control for viewing orphaned items is available in the WorkGroup version.
  • A bug in the iaago URL shortener plugin that prevented it from working if you'd saved its configuration recently was fixed.

To upgrade from version 2.6 or 2.6.1, upload the following files, overwriting the old files where applicable (or just upload everything). You may also wish to upload /carp/plugins/youtube.php if you don't already have it.

  • conf.php
  • content.php
  • feed-list.php
  • groups.php (WorkGroup version only)
  • headlines.php
  • lobster.js
  • poll.php
  • styles.css
  • title.php
  • The "tiny_mce-seocf" folder and its contents
  • img
    • list-flagged-ignore.gif
    • list-non-orphaned.gif
    • list-orphaned-only.gif
  • publishing-plugins
    • atom
      • atom.js
      • atom.php
    • blogger
      • blogger.js
      • blogger.php
    • posterous
      • posterous.js
      • posterous.php
    • tumblr
      • tumblr.js
      • tumblr.php
  • url-shortener-plugins/iaago/iaago.php