WordPress version 3.5 is due out any day now. When I learned that they'll be removing Atom Publishing Protocol support from the core program, and that AtomPub support was recently dropped for blogs hosted on WordPress.com, I got to work creating a new MetaWeblog plugin for SEO Content Factory.

AtomPub support will still be available for self-hosted blogs by installing an optional WordPress plugin, but I haven't tested SEO Content Factory with it. I now recommend using the MetaWeblog protocol to publish to WordPress.

SEO Content Factory version 2.8 is now ready for download (or purchase :-), and includes the new MetaWeblog plugin, plus a fix for a bug with the visual editor that could cause changes to be lost if any of the blogging forms were submitted while in HTML-view mode.

To upgrade from version 2.7.4, upload the following files, overwriting the old ones, if they exist:

  • conf.php
  • lobster.js
  • xmlrpc.php
  • publishing-plugins
    • atom/atom.js
    • blogger/blogger.js
    • metaweblog (folder and it's contents)
    • posterous/posterous.js
    • tumblr/tumblr.js