SEO Content Factory version 2.7.2 is ready for download with a few new features and a minor bug fix. Here's what's changed:

  • Easy Subscription: instead of copying and pasting feed URLs to subscribe, you can now use a "bookmarklet" to subscribe in two clicks. Here's how to use it:
    1. Go to your SEO Content Factory configuration panel by clicking the gray gear icon at the top of the screen.
    2. At the top of the configuration panel, you'll see a "Subscribe" link -- drag and drop it on your browser's bookmarks bar.
    3. Whenever you're viewing a feed in your web browser, clicking the "Subscribe" link in your bookmark bar will take you right to the subscription form in SEO Content Factory, with the URL of the feed already entered. Just set any desired options and click the "Subscribe" button.
  • Feed Notes: save notes about any feed, and have them displayed whenever you're viewing an item from that feed. You'll see a little arrow tab near the upper left corner of the content area. Clicking it will open the feed notes form. Enter your notes and click the up arrow to save and close the form. When the form is closed, the arrow tab will be blue if you have notes for that feed, and gray if you don't. One thing I use feed notes for is to save the Twitter ID of the feed's author, so I can easily @reference them when I tweet their posts.
  • Feed Notes Access Control: with SEO Content Factory/WG, you can control who can view and edit feed notes.
  • Feeds Without Titles: some RSS feeds don't have titles, so no title was shown for you to click in the feed list. These are now listed as "[no title]", so you can click to view all the items in the feed.
  • Orphaned Items Bug Fix: a minor bug in the orphaned items code, added in version 2.7.1, which may have caused some error messages to be displayed, has been fixed.

How to Upgrade from Version 2.7.1

  1. Upload the following files, overwriting the old files:
    • ajax.php
    • conf.php
    • configure.php
    • content.php
    • default-conf.php
    • feed-list.php
    • groups.php (WorkGroup version only)
    • index.php
    • install.php
    • lobster.js
    • styles.css
    • update.php
    • img/expand-notes-empty.png (new file)
  2. Follow the prompt to update your database the next time you load SEO Content Factory.


Reader Comment:
Brett said:
Thanks Antone - I'm fully up and running again - thanks for all your help ... Brett
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