After releasing version 2.6 of SEO Content Factory last week, I discovered a better way to code the Facebook sharing button that enables you to add comments before sharing. So I've made a new version with that improvement.

This revision also makes a slight change to the display of the headline panel -- grouping three items per background change, which makes the headline list appear less busy, and makes it easier to follow a line across the page.

With the addition of the sharing buttons, I've also created a new, lower-priced bundle that's focused on sharing rather than blogging. It includes the Twitter plugin (with tweet scheduling capability) and a few of the others (TinyURL, full content, and YouTube), but not the blogging plugins or the Filter plugin. The single-user price for the new "Sharing" bundle is $29, which is 48% off the total prices of the individual components.

Finally, I've added the CaRP Evolution YouTube plugin in the "Full" version of SEO Content Factory. If you previously bought SEO Content Factory, but not the RSS Super Pack bundle, you'll now have the ability to subscribe to YouTube videos.

Download the latest version, or buy here.

To upgrade from version 2.6, upload the following, overwriting the old files:

  • conf.php
  • content.php
  • headlines.php
  • styles.css
  • carp/plugins/youtube.php (if you didn't already have it).