The problem with making major improvements to a product is that all your old screenshots and videos go out-of-date :-). But it's worth it! Version 2.5 of SEO Content Factory (Lobster) is ready for download, with big improvements for both the single user and workgroup versions.

Here's what's changed:

  • Post Templates: You can now create your own custom post templates to be used by all the publishing plugins. If you don't like our standard "author said: [block quote]" post template, or just need something a little different, replace it with whatever you need. Your custom post templates will work with the "select to quote" feature, just like the standard templates do.
  • Hide Publishing Plugin Settings: Some publishing plugin settings never need to be changed from your global settings, so having them in the editing forms just adds clutter. Now, you can hide many of the settings to clean up the interface.
  • Customize the Publishing Plugin Settings Folder-by-Folder: In the folder editing forms, you can now override any of the global publishing plugin settings. A few uses for this feature include:
    • Picking a different post template for different groups of feeds.
    • Hiding different settings in different folders. With SEO Content Factory/WG, this feature can be used in conjunction with folder access privileges to hide settings from some users -- for example, to force them to always publish as draft, rather than having their posts appear on your blog instantly (or vice versa).
  • User Interface Improvements:
    • Less scolling:
      • The publishing buttons have been moved from the top of the content area to the side, and have fixed positioning, so they don't scroll out of view when the content is scrolled. So you can select the content you wish to quote and click them easily at any time.
      • The preview is likewise displayed with fixed positioning so that it never scrolls out of view.
      • The "close" link for the preview has been replaced by an "X" in the corner, so it never scrolls out of view if you scroll the preview area.
      • When you open a publishing form, you are automatically scrolled to it.
    • Messages returned by the publishing plugins are now displayed in a messages panel rather than in alerts or within the page content, and old messages are kept until you clear them or open another newsfeed item. The messages panel may be opened and closed at any time.
  • The Full Content plugin can now display images when the link it's fetching data from points directly to the image (rather than to a webpage that links to an image).
  • You can now force the Full Content plugin to refresh its data at any time, or to purge its data (both on an item-by-item basis) to remove it immediately from your database. Use the "Refresh" and "Purge" links that are displayed at the top of the content area (only for feeds where you've set up the Full Content plugin, of course).
  • Code was added to ensure that when you upgrade stylesheets and JavaScript files, your browser uses the new files rather than an old version from its cache.
  • Folder sorting was made case-insensitive.

In SEO Content Factory/WG, access control for editing folders and editing subscriptions were separated into two settings, and access control for editing post templates was added.

Reader Comment:
Antone Roundy said:
Thanks, Roland. I'm glad you like it. The issue with the images is that the HTML code doesn't contain absolute absolute URLs of the images -- they leave off the domain name. I'll look into fixing that -- it shouldn't be too difficult.
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How to Upgrade

If your FTP program allows you to upload all the files at once, it's easiest just to re-upload everything, overwriting the old files. Otherwise, to upgrade from version 2.4.3, upload the following new or changed files. Then load SEO Content Factory. You'll be asked to click a button to update your database. Click it, and you're done.

  • conf.php
  • content.php
  • default-conf.php
  • feed-list.php
  • groups.php (SEO Content Factory/WG only)
  • headlines.php
  • install.php
  • lobster.js
  • post_templates.php
  • styles.css
  • title.php
  • update.php
  • help/folder_settings_help.html (the "help" folder and the file are both new)
  • img/
    • close-preview.png
    • messages.gif
    • templates.gif
  • publishing-plugins/
    • atom/
      • atom.css
      • atom.js
      • atom.php
    • blogger/
      • blogger.css
      • blogger.js
      • blogger.php
    • posterous/
      • posterous.css
      • posterous.js
      • posterous.php
    • tumblr/
      • tumblr.css
      • tumblr.js
      • tumblr.php
    • twitter/
      • twitter.js
      • twitter.php
  • subscription-plugins/full_content/full_content.php