SEO Content Factory version 2.5.3 is ready for download. It's a small change in a way, but also a big change.

First, let me point out that when you get to the download page, you won't see it listed as "Lobster" anymore. Instead, you'll either see "SEO Content Factory" or "SEO Content Factory/WG". That's just part of the continuing transition to using the new name in more places. "Lobster" is still the name of the core RSS feed reader app, but that's more and more of an under-tho-hood thing as time goes by.

Second, you may notice that CaRP Evolution and its MySQL plugin are no longer listed as downloads in the SEO Content Factory section of the download page. You can still get them in the CaRP Evolution section, but it's no longer necessary to download them individually, because they're now part of the SEO Content Factory ZIP file.

That's the big change. You'll no longer need to go through a separate process to install CaRP before installing the rest of SEO Content Factory. Instead, there's a copy of CaRP in the SEO Content Factory folder, it automatically uses the same database settings as SEO Content Factory for its caching, and its cache tables are set up automatically during the SEO Content Factory installation process. Users no longer really even need to be aware that it's there.

Because this copy of CaRP is integrated into the SEO Content Factory package, it's no longer usable outside of SEO Content Factory (caching won't be configured properly if you try to use it from other web pages). If you want to use CaRP with other web pages, you'll need to download the CaRP package and install it as before. (Of course, if you're reading this, you've probably already done that.)

Other than a variety of changes needed to integrate CaRP into SEO Content Factory's source code tree, there's one other small update. The stylesheet has been updated to make a little change in the positioning of elements in the content pane to make it a little easier to select with your mouse along the left edge of the content area next to the publishing buttons.

Reader Comment:
Adam said:
I'm in guys, I've been looking at this script and semi-drooling for too many days. Now I have to pull the trigger. glad I found it. Here I go to the sales page...
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As small as the changes are, you may very well not want to bother installing this update. The stylesheet update is the only change you'll see in functionality, and it's very small. But if you do want to upgrade. here's...

How to Upgrade

To upgrade from version 2.5.2, upload the following files, overwriting the old ones, where applicable. Then load SEO Content Factory and click the button to update your database.

  • the "carp" folder and its contents
  • if you have CaRP's YouTube plugin (which isn't in the SEO Content Factory ZIP archive, but is in the "WG" version's archive), upload it to the carp/plugins folder
  • conf.php
  • configure.php
  • default-conf.php
  • install.php
  • poll.php
  • styles.css
  • update.php
  • subscription-plugins/youtube/youtube.php