I came across a minor but temporarily scary bug in SEO Content Factory/WG tonight, so I decided to push out an update to fix it. The update also includes one other minor tweak that had been made since version 2.5 (which applies to both the workgroup and single user versions).

Changes in this update:

  • Fixes a bug in SEO Content Factory/WG's folder access editing code that could make it appear that all of your folders and feeds had disappeared. This bug only affected the workgroup version. (No data is actually lost...thank goodness! If this has happened to you, after you've upgraded, go into the folder access settings, and make sure your group has access to all folders.)
  • Adds a note to the template editing screen explaining where to go to select which template to use.

To upgrade from version 2.5, download the latest version, upload conf.php, post_templates.php, and if you have the workgroup version, groups.php. No database update is needed.