SEO Content Factory version 2.4 is ready for download. But the big news today is a new version of SEO Content Factory designed especially for workgroup use: SEO Content Factory/WG.

After releasing the video last week showing how to configure SEO Content Factory for workgroups, many users have shown interest in using it this way, and some excellent feature suggestions have been submitted.

The admin group has access to all features. You control what other groups can do in SEO Content Factory.

This version of SEO Content Factory/WG incorporates the first wave of new features -- those needed to control access to configuration settings, folders and feeds. It also enables you to control which users can publish to which blogs and Twitter accounts.

Using folder access controls, you can accomplish what I outlined in the video last week, without requiring users to click on their folders. Instead, you give each user access only to the folders that you want them to work in. Then, when they load SEO Content Factory, they automatically see only the folders you've given them access to.

Users can publish only to the blogs you grant them access to. The "atom" protocol is used for WordPress blogs.

You can even hide the left pane (where folders and feeds are listed) completely, minimizing distractions, and making more space available for the headline and content panes.

You can set up and unlimited number of users and groups, each with their own access privileges. This enables large workgroups to monitor massive numbers of RSS feeds, and publish to any number of blogs, without cluttering anyone's interface with content, options, or blog selections that they don't need to see.

Reader Comment:
Lobster/SEO Content Factory 2.4.1…Already » Voice of the Gecko Tribe said:
[...] To upgrade from version 2.4, if you’ve already installed it, upload conf.php and feed-list.php, overwriting the old files. No database update is needed. To upload from an older version, follow the instructions for version 2.4. [...]
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SEO Content Factory/WG is available for purchase from the SEO Content Factory homepage. Single server and company licenses are available.


Upgrading from the standard version of SEO Content Factory to SEO Content Factory/WG is as easy as upgrading from one SEO Content Factory version to another. Simply upload the new files, overwriting the old ones, load SEO Content Factory, and click a button to upgrade your database. Then you can set up your users, groups, and access privileges.

To upgrade to the standard version of SEO Content Factory 2,4 from version 2.3, overwrite the following files with the new ones, load SEO Content Factory, and click the button that's shown to upgrade your database:

  • conf.php
  • configure.php
  • content.php
  • default-conf.php
  • feed-list.php
  • headlines.php
  • lobster.js
  • opml.php
  • styles.css
  • title.php
  • update.php
  • publishing-plugins/
    • atom/atom.php
    • blogger/blogger.php
    • posterous/posterous.php
    • tumblr/tumblr.php
    • twitter/twitter.php

Most of the changes to this version were related to the addition of the workgroup version (changes to the database structure, etc.) This version also fixes an bug in OPML import, and a bug that sometimes caused the flagged items checkbox to not be applied properly.

The next revision of both the standard and workgroup versions, with another wave of new features, will be available soon, and will be a free upgrade to all SEO Content Factory owners.