I thought of a new feature for SEO Content Factory this morning, and I had to have it now. If you'd like it too, it's ready for download.

The new feature is an addition to the Full Content plugin that enables it to fetch not just the full content of an item (when the feed contains just a summary), but content that the item links to.

For example, if you're subscribed to a Twitter list or Twitter search, you'll see a lot of items that contain a short blurb and a link or two. Instead of clicking through the links and reading them in a new tab, and then, if you want to publish a Blog Riff on them, copying and pasting content and links into SEO Content Factory or your blog editor, you can have SEO Content Factory import the linked content.

Once that's done, you can read it right there, and use the "select to quote" feature to easily grab a quote and blog about it without any copy-and-paste or switching between browser tabs.

Other Changes

A few other changes found their way into this update:

  • The "auto link" feature now works with https URLs.
  • The full content plugin can now load content that's linked to through multiple redirects.(This also applies to any other parts of the code that may load redirected URLs...but at the moment, none come to mind.)
  • The "hr" (horizontal rule) tag was added to the default list of tags that are allowed in content. (When loading linked content, the Full Content plugin separates the original and linked content with a horizontal rule, which will be stripped out if the tag isn't added to the list.)

How to Upgrade

To upgrade, either re-upload all of SEO Content Factory, overwriting the old files (the simplest, and it'll work no matter what version you're upgrading from), or to upgrade from version 2.4.2, you can upload just the files listed below. This update does not require any changes to your database.

  • conf.php
  • content.php
  • default-conf.php
  • subscription-plugins/full_content
    • full_content_help.html
    • full_content.php