Lobster (SEO Content Factory) 2.3 is ready for download. Changes in this version include:

  • YouTube support:
    • View YouTube videos inside SEO Content Factory.
    • Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts.
    • Includes a tool for easily generating search- and username-based YouTube RSS feed URLs.
    • NOTE: The YouTube plugin requires CaRP Evolution's YouTube plugin, which is included in the RSS Super Pack and CaRP Plugins Pack, but not in the SEO Content Factory bundle.
    • NOTE: To use the YouTube plugin, you must also upgrade to the newest version of CaRP Evolution's YouTube plugin (released today -- no other changes were made to CaRP Evolution).
  • Updated instructions for enabling the Atom Publishing Protocol (used by WordPress and some other blogs). If you haven't been able to get Atom support working in the past, try the alternative .htaccess settings shown on the error message page.
  • Improved error reporting for database connection problems.
  • In rare cases, when the server hosting a feed is overloaded or experiencing problems, SEO Content Factory's polling script gets stuck waiting for a feed. You can now set how long to wait before retrying a hung feed in order to prevent having lots of processes running on your server waiting for the same feed, and preventing checking of other feeds.
  • Fixed a few minor issues that caused error messages to be displayed (but which didn't cause any actual problems).
  • Fixed all URL shortener plugins to recognize and process HTTPS URLs.

To upgrade from version 2.2.5:

  1. Upload the following files, overwriting the old versions:
    • conf.php
    • configure.php
    • content.php
    • default-conf.php
    • feed-list.php
    • poll.php
    • title.php
    • update.php
    • publishing-plugins
      • atom/app-connection-failed.hmtl
      • twitter/twitter.php
    • url-shortener-plugins
      • iaago/iaago.php
      • TinyURL/TinyURL.php
      • unshorten/unshorten.php
  2. Upload the youtube folder and its contents (in the subscription-plugins folder).
  3. If you have the CaRP Evolution YouTube plugin, upload the new version of it into your CaRP plugins folder.
  4. Load SEO Content Factory. You'll automatically be shown the Update page. Click "Continue" to update your database.