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The first BlogRiffers.com "Riff-On" contest has begun. Check out that link for full details.

Key points:

Enter by writing a blog post based on one I selected from Seth Godin's blog, and tweeting a link to it.

You have just under two days to submit your entry.

The winner gets a free copy of SE...
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I came across a minor but temporarily scary bug in SEO Content Factory/WG tonight, so I decided to push out an update to fix it. The update also includes one other minor tweak that had been made since version 2.5 (which applies to both the workgroup and single user versions).

Changes in this update:

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Last night, I had a fun idea: why not start up a friendly Blog Riffing competition! The idea is still taking shape, but here's what I've got in mind so far:

Source Article Selection

I'll pick an article from somebody's blog for the contestants to Riff on.

Feel free to offer suggestions (submit them throu...
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The problem with making major improvements to a product is that all your old screenshots and videos go out-of-date :-). But it's worth it! Version 2.5 of SEO Content Factory (Lobster) is ready for download, with big improvements for both the single user and workgroup versions.

Here's what's changed:

Post Templates: You can now creat...
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I thought of a new feature for SEO Content Factory this morning, and I had to have it now. If you'd like it too, it's ready for download.

The new feature is an addition to the Full Content plugin that enables it to fetch not just the full content of an item (when the feed...
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SEO Content Factory version 2.4.2 is ready for download. This update includes the following changes:

Fixes bugs in OPML import and export.

Adds the ability to delete all empty folders with one click -- see the bottom of the left pane, below the list of folders and feeds.

Adds the ability to find folders tha...
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Here's a video that'll show you how you can use the new workgroup settings in SEO Content Factory/WG to control which features each member of your group can access, and how that can help you organize your group's blogging workflow.

Get SEO Content Factory/WG here

Yes, I just released Lobster/SEO Content Factory 2.4 yesterday, and officially announced it today. And yes, a few bugs were already found that needed to be fixed quickly. So version 2.4.1 is now ready for download.

This revision includes the following changes:

Re-enables you to create or move folders at the top level, rather tha...
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SEO Content Factory version 2.4 is ready for download. But the big news today is a new version of SEO Content Factory designed especially for workgroup use: SEO Content Factory/WG.

After releasing the video last week showing how to configure SEO Content Factory for workgroups, many users have shown interest in using it this way,...
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Lobster (SEO Content Factory) 2.3 is ready for download. Changes in this version include:

YouTube support:

View YouTube videos inside SEO Content Factory.

Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts.

Includes a tool for easily generating search- and username-based YouTube RSS feed URLs.

NOTE: The YouTube plugin requires CaRP Evolution's YouTube plugin, which is includ...
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