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A small upgrade to Affiliate Afterburner/WP is ready for download. If you don’t yet own Affiliate Afterburner/WP, you’ve still got a little more time to get a deep discount on it and a bunch of other products here.

This revision improves the randomization of ads.

When randomizing items within an ad block, previous versions always...
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SEO Content Factory version 2.5.5 is ready for download, with a number of UI tweaks. If you don't yet own SEO Content Factory, you've still got a little more time to get a fantastic deal on it and a bunch of other products here.

Here's what's changed...since version 2.5.3 (somehow I missed announcing version 2.5.4...
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SEO Content Factory version 2.5.3 is ready for download. It's a small change in a way, but also a big change.

First, let me point out that when you get to the download page, you won't see it listed as "Lobster" anymore. Instead, you'll either see "SEO Content Factory" or "SEO Content Factory/WG". That's just...
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Now, Affiliate Afterburner/WP can easily monetize your WordPress blog using ClickBank ads, in addition to Amazon, eBay, AllPosters, and AdSense. Affiliate Afterburner/WP version 2.1 is ready for download, with ClickBank support and a few other improvements. We're looking at several other large affiliate networks, and hope to add support for them in free upgrades in...
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I've just added a new helper script to Grouper Evolution that enables it to convert ClickBank affiliate ads to RSS, giving you more control over their formatting. The new version (1.7.1a) is available for download now.

This revision also updates the Amazon and All Posters helper scripts slightly to enable them to display multiple ad...
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After a lot of hard work, crunch time is over at last, and the new version of Affiliate Afterburner (which is now a WordPress plugin) is ready for prime time (whew!)

Affiliate Afterburner/WP makes it easy to monetize your blog by adding affiliate ads from Amazon.com, eBay, AllPosters.com, and AdSense to your posts or sidebars....
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Grouper Evolution version 1.7.1 is ready for download. Today's changes are fairly small, but they're preparing the way for big things to come.

First, here's what's changed in today's update:

Added functions for converting data that's stored in a PHP variable rather than always having to load it from a URL (GrouperConvertData), and for storin...
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CaRP/WP (a free WordPress plugin that works with CaRP) is ready for download.

This revision includes two minor enhancements:

If the path to carp.php that's specified in the administration panel is incorrect, it attempts to find the correct path before reporting an error.

Removal of line breaks and HTML tags inadvertently added to configuration setting...
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SEO Content Factory/Lobster version 2.5.2 is ready for download. Changes in this revision are:

Fixes a bug in the Full Content plugin that caused it to fail to load some URLs.

Adds the colon after the link back into the default post templates for the 4 blogging plugins (it was inadvertently omitted when the pos...
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Over at BlogRiffers.com, I just announced the winner of the first Riff-On Blog Riffing contest.

This week, the winner got a free copy of SEO Content Factory. Next week, I'll be giving away an affiliate marketing-related prize. Join the Blog Riffers mailing list to get the details of future contests as soon as they're announced....
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