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If you have outbound links on your website, you know that once a visitor clicks, they may never come back. If you'd like one more chance after they click to put an offer in front of them, then today's TriggerNote demo video might be just what you're looking for.

TriggerNote's Exit Interstitial Recipe gives you...
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Watching the last video, you may have gotten the impression that TriggerNote was hard to use. This video shows how a feature called Recipes makes it easy to set up powerful Trigger Sets to make your website more interactive.

Here's a video I posted last night that will give you a first look at how you can use TriggerNote to add interactive elements to your website.

This is more of an intro to how things work than a particularly useful example. But I think it will give you an idea of what you coul...
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What if your website could do more than just sit there waiting to get clicked? What if it interacted with each unique visitor in just the right way, at just the right time? What if it could guide your visitors' attention and actions right where you want them to go?

I'm putting the finishing touches...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.1.1 is ready for download.

This version fixes a bug introduced in version 4.1 that, under some circumstances, prevented cache files from being created.

To upgrade from version 4.0.25 or 4.1, upload carp.php and carpinc.php, overwriting the old files.

Grouper Evolution version 1.7.2 is available for download.

This version was created to address changes to YouTube's search API. Earlier versions of CaRP Evolution used a YouTube plugin to embed videos in webpages by loading RSS feeds directly from YouTube. YouTube's API now generates JSON documents instead of RSS feeds, so CaRP is no longer...
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CaRP Evolution version 4.1 is ready for download.

This version improves performance in two ways:

By adding support for ETag and Last-Modified HTTP headers. Many webservers will be able to tell CaRP that the feed hasn't changed since CaRP last loaded it, so the content of the feed will be loaded from CaRP's local cach...
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Updates to CaRP Evolution, CaRP/WP, CaRP's MySQL plugin, and Affiliate Afterburner are ready for download here.

Here's what's new and how to update each.

CaRP Evolution 4.0.25

In case you noticed that the last update announced was 4.0.21a, the intervening updates were only released as part of BlogRiffer updates, because they were minor tweaks needed...
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Version 2.11.3 of Blog Riffer is ready for download. This version includes the following improvements:

Sharing buttons are now enabled by default for new subscriptions. (In case you want to use the sharing buttons with an existing subscription, but missed where the option was located, you can enable them by clicking the gear icon nex...
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Version 2.11.2 of Blog Riffer is ready for download. This version includes the following changes:

You can now control the timestamp format in the headline list and content areas. (I like to shorten it in the headline list to make more room for the headline).

Fixed the "subscribe" bookmarklet link. Since version 2.9, when i...
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