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I've been using Lobster's new blogging tool for a week now, and the results are looking good. Just as the Twitter tool increased my tweeting output, the blogging tool has made it easier for me to keep adding fresh, original content to my blog.

I've noticed that on days when I post, the traffic to...
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Version 2.0 of Lobster is available for download now at Gecko Tribe Customer Privileges (all buyers of CaRP Evolution version 4 or the RSS Super Pack have access). This version adds a major new feature: blogging directly from your RSS feed reader!

If that doesn't sound like a big deal to you, I've got a...
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I've got a few nice uses of CaRP Evolution to show you today. (If you'd like me to link to a page where you're using or writing about a Gecko Tribe product, submit your link here.)

Rodrigo Fernandez uses CaRP to display the latest news about Costa Rica on his Costa Rica Photos site.

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Especially now that I'm giving CaRP Evolution away for free, I thought it might be useful to make a video to help people get a better idea of what you can do with an RSS parser.

For years, CaRP has been my "secret weapon" for easily inter-linking my websites together and reusing my own content,...
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Check out this video by Mike Dillard showing a strategy he used to double sales on his Magnetic Sponsoring sales page:

The unblockable exit popup script he used is ExPop (he didn't know what script his webmaster used when he recorded the video, but he linked to it from his blog on the page whe...
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I recently noticed that the page I was linking to for fonts for my PHP & GD powered captcha script had been taken down, so I went looking for another solution for my users. What I found was even better than another place to get fonts.

GD FontMaker is a script by Howard Yeend that...
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I whipped up a new free WordPress plugin today. Twidget/WP displays your latest Twitter posts in the sidebar of your WordPress blog. (You can see an example to the right).

Since the size of the widget is not fixed, there's no wasted space like you get with Twitter's official JavaScript widget.

A few key features...
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The typical link exchange is like a caveman's mating ritual: bash Google over the head with a club and ask for a kiss.

Free-for-all links pages used to be a viable SEO tool until the search engines realized that they're about as useful for discovering quality content as a whack on the head with a...
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The other day I came up with a funny idea -- rather than trying to convince customers to buy my products instead of the competition, why not promote the competition's products, giving my products to customers who buy through my affiliate link! That way, the customer doesn't have to decide between my product and the...
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest to rename CaRP Evolution. I got a lot of great suggestions. Last night, I picked my five favorites, added an idea of my own to the list, and painstakingly eliminated them one by one to arrive at the winner.

The final names that I was considering...
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