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Version 2.2 of Lobster/SEO Content Factory is ready for download. This version includes a bunch of improvements: Two new plugins: Full Content: imports full content for feeds that only contain summaries. Filter: filter out unwanted items from the feeds you're subscribed to. A configuration panel (no more editing myconf.php by hand to change settings). An...
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The YouTube plugin for CaRP Evolution and the YesTube add-on script have been updated to work with changes YouTube has made in their feeds. To upgrade the YouTube plugin: Log in to the download page. Under "CaRP Evolution", click "Individual Parts". Then click "Plugins". Left click "YouTube" to download the updated plugin (if you right-click...
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Because of the positive response to my recent post about getting more traffic to your blog with Blog Riffing, I decided to whip up a free WordPress plugin to make it a easier. The plugin does 2 things (you can use either feature or both): Displays the Blog Riffers badge in a sidebar widget. You...
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If you look at the Riffback I posted this morning in return for Jack Humphrey's Riff on my blog yesterday, you'll notice a translucent "Riffback" icon to the left of the quote I took from his blog. I also have a "Blog Riff" icon that I use when I initiate the Riffing. (Note: the icons...
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For the last 3 1/2 months, my White Hat Crew blog's traffic has been about 2.4 times what it was before. And I've got an idea for how we can all do even better. There's no big secret to it -- all I did was: Post 5 times a week. Configure my mailing list to...
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Lobster/SEO Content Factory 2.1.2 is ready for download. If you tried to install it before, but couldn't get it working, a bug fix and a few additions to the installation instructions in the README file may help. Before I describe the changes in this revision, let me update you on what SEO Content Factory has...
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Lobster/SEO Content Factory version 2.1.1 is ready for download. It fixes a bug that affects only people who entered a prefix for their database table names. The bug prevented feed names from appearing in the list on the left side of the screen after subscribing to the feeds. To upgrade, upload the new "poll.php" and...
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SEO Content Factory version 2.1 is ready for download with some major new additions: plugins for posting to Posterous and Tumblr! With the addition of the new plugins (and more to come), SEO Content Factory is outgrowing its $29 introductory price. So on Monday, October 4, the price will be increasing to $49. All SEO...
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Blog networks can grow your audience by linking you into a bigger community. But there are usually sacrifices involved. When you think of a typical blog network, a few things you might expect include: You may have to host your blog on someone else's website (so you're building up their site, and your existing blog...
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Lobster version 2.0.3 is ready for download. This revision fixes a bug that prevented old items from being purged from the database, and adds a few features. The first is a "URL unshortener" plugin. Lots of the links you'll find in the feeds you're blogging and tweeting about are redirects of some sort. Some go...
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